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We've been doing apps and games for kids and families for years. Our specialization is creating educational games for children, puzzle and logic games, adventure and strategy games. We also develop useful applications for everyday life for any platform or device. Our goal is to create innovative and new applications and games for enjoyable use.

We create applications and games for different platforms and devices (Nintendo Switch, Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows PC, macOS, Online platforms). If you are interesting in some preview, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pixel Boy - Lost in the Castle

2D Puzzle Game for Nintendo Switch

The goal is simple. Move the red box to the final area and find the exit. That's all. Simple, right?

Watch our video and find out how to play the puzzle game Pixel Boy. On the video you will find the solution of one of the levels that you will find in both versions of our game.

You will have to engage your brain and come up with a suitable solution. Sometimes there are several solutions, sometimes only one. Sometimes you'll be left with one extra box and sometimes you'll have to use them all.

Nintendo Switch (Europe & Australia)
Nintendo Switch Online (Americas)
Nintendo Switch Online (Korea)
Nintendo Switch Online (Hong Kong)

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